Acacia silhouettes, image courtesy of Mike Keran

Explore Tanzania on a custom safari organized around your interests, timeframe, and budget.

About us

Siku Kamili Safari is a small, locally-owned company that will work with you to make every day of your trip a siku kamili — a perfect day in Swahili.


Depending on the time of year and your interests, there are different ways to explore the wildlife and landscapes of Tanzania.

Contact us

We’d be delighted to help you with any questions you have about our safaris. All trips can be customized to suit your budget, timeframe and interests.

Honeymooners from Israel, June 2023

Onesmo took us to amazing places, knew how to follow the animals, find where it’s best to see them, booked us nice, cozy and clean lodges for the nights, excellent meals and most importantly he devoted himself completely to ensure we enjoyed every minute of the trip, responding to every question we had and helped make the trip a magnificent one. Highly recommend to contact him and arrange a trip in Tanzania as he is a very popular guide!

Joanna from Seattle, April 2023

I’ve had the great good fortune to have Onesmo as a safari guide on more than one occasion, and every day he led us on a new adventure. From elephants and lions to dwarf mongoose and whistling thorn acacias, his sharp eyes, honed intuition, and encyclopedic knowledge brought us close to the wildlife and their world in amazing detail. I cannot imagine a better safari guide.

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